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World Peace Movie Newsletter - October 2012

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World Peace Movie Newsletter - October 2012

DVD-cover-mockupDVD Sales

The World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements DVD is now being sold to educational institutions along with a companion Educator's Guide.

This wonderful study guide was created by Jamie Baker of the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence. The Martin Institute is our educational partner and has been simply a godsend, ensuring that John Hunter’s work, the film, and the World Peace Game will create broad and long-lasting educational impact.

The Educator's Guide
was created to inspire and support teachers in becoming creative and imaginative as they work to create a collaborative, student-centered classroom in their own educational setting. The creation of this guide to accompany the film fulfills our primary mission --  to use the film to influence, teach, and inspire present and future generations of teachers through John’s wonderful example, and thus influencing future generations of teachers and students.

I would like to extend special thanks to our educational advisors:

  • Dr. Carol Tomlinson, William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, Foundations and Policy at the University of Virginia;
  •  Dr. Hilary Landorf, Assistant Professor and Program Director of Social Studies and Global Education and Assistant Director of the Global Awareness Program at Florida International University;
  • Jay McTighe, experienced educator and noted author with Grant Wiggins of Understanding by Design and numerous other books and articles on teaching.   

At this point the film is only available for purchase for the educational market, schools, and libraries. Included with this purchase are the rights to show the film to a public audience, so any school or library can make the film available for group screenings. 

We have already had a few individuals purchase the film for their own child’s school, and we certainly encourage anyone interested to consider this as a way of bringing John’s influence and inspiration to their own school community.  

Purchase the Film

TV Broadcast News


The film’s broadcast run on U.S. public television continues. From its initial premiere on May 1 through through October 20, the film will have achieved:

  • 1608 separate telecasts on public television stations across the country
  • coverage extending to 83.41% of the U.S. population
  • airing in 23 of the top 25 markets, many showing the film on numerous occasions.   

We’ve noticed that September has seen an increase of airings, most likely associated with the return to school.  

Keep up with the broadcast schedule for the film on our Web site.  

I would like to emphasize, as a way of thanks, that the film’s presence on public television would not have been possible without the generous underwriting support from the FedEx Corporation, the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, and additional support from the University of Memphis.   

The film has expanded its international reach. Broadcasts in Romania and Hungary begin in September. Showings continue in South Korea, Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and throughout the Middle East. A special screening is set for New Zealand later in 2012, and possibly in Moscow in 2013. The film continues to be presented across the country to educators and educational communities at schools and conferences.  

John Hunter Teaching Teachers


John Hunter, along with Jamie Baker of the Martin Institute, traveled across the country this summer conducting Master Classes for groups of teachers. Martin Institute Master Classes with John Hunter in Charlottesville and Memphis included the opportunity for teachers to observe children playing the World Peace Game over an intensive 5-day period.

These two classes mark the first time that fellow teachers have had an opportunity to closely observe a full World Peace Game.  Participating teachers were from all parts of the U.S. as well as New Zealand, Israel, Korea. and Norway. The response from class participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Again, a special thanks to our partner, the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence and Jamie Baker, who co-designed the Master Class curriculum as well as its implementation and managed the quite complicated logistics of this summer tour.

Videos and Photos from the Master Classes: Charlottesville | Memphis

John’s work with teachers continues this fall and hopefully well into the future.  It gives me a special thrill to think that the approximately 120+ teachers who participated in the Master Classes this summer will be applying John’s invaluable wisdom, experience, and compassion to their children’s learning back in their classrooms for the 2012-2013 school year.  

With Gratitude

A special thanks to all of you who have provided support throughout the life of this project.  What began as just an attempt to make a local, and hopefully good, film about a great teacher and his students playing a wonderful educational exercise has really taken off, well beyond my wildest dreams.  John’s TED Talk has been seen by over 600,000 individuals and we estimate that the film has been seen by well over one million viewers.  No one involved in the making of this film could have imagined this result.  Without your support, none of this would have happened.

If each of the 120+ educators from just this summer’s Master Classes return to their classroom and teach approximately 25 students per year, in some way John’s work will affect 3000 students just this year. Each Master Class and subsequent year of teaching, adds to this equation.  

I remember saying very early in this process, well before the film was completed, let’s estimate that John and his World Peace Game has touched the lives of 40 students per year for his 30 years of teaching, or approximately 1200 individuals.  What if that number was 1000 students per year? Then, 30 years of teaching would affect 30,000 children.  If that number was 10,000 students per year? This would lead to 300,000 children over 30 years learning the “work of peace” through the gentle guidance of a masterful teacher.  

The work has begun. Many thanks to you all.


Chris Farina – Rosalia Films

John Hunter Honored with GlobArt Award in Krems, Austria

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John Hunter Honored with GlobArt Award in Krems, Austria

Globart-POsterThe GlobArt Award honors persons whose lives and work reflect GlobArt aims and ideals; men and women who can be looked upon as examples of GlobArt philosophy both by what they do and by who they are. GlobArt is a platform for men and women who are consciously active within our changing society. Through GlobArt, representatives of a wide variety of professions and interests are being given an opportunity for an exchange of thoughts and experience, often leading to concrete activities and projects. The aim of GlobArt is to contribute to an holistic approach to present day problems and possible solutions.

The 2012 GlobArt Award was awarded on September 27, 2012 to John Hunter for his transformative World Peace Game and conscious teaching practice. John was at the annual conference of the GlobArt Academy held in Krems, Austria to receive the award.


Grant Lichtman: A Day with a Master Teacher

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Grant Lichtman: A Day with a Master Teacher
grantGrant Lichtman, author of The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School, is attending this week's Master Class in Los Gatos, CA.
The World Peace Game is a remarkable symphony that John has created over almost 30 years.
-- Grant Lichtman

A Day With a Master Teacher: John Hunter

Who in the educational community would prompt you to jump on an airplane, and spend the time and money just for the chance to hang out for a day of learning?  Maybe I am selfish, but the answer for me is “I love you all, but not many”.  When I knew John Hunter would be in Northern California, I cashed in the Southwest points without a second thought.

John and Jamie Baker of the Martin Institute have been touring the country this summer giving master teaching classes based on John’s groundbreaking World Peace Game.  This session was co-hosted by the relatively new Center for Teaching Excellence at Hillbrook School in Los Gatos. As most of you who are reading this know, if there is a rock star of innovative education in America it is John, except John’s personality is more that of Mohandas Ghandi than Mick Jagger.

I won’t try to reprise the lessons of the day, but here are a few observations, both from the formal session and from the long chat that John and I had 1:1 afterwards (yeah, that was a treat!).

Read more

Memphis Participant Blogs the Master Class

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Presbyterian Day School Teacher Philip Cummings's Obervations

Memphis Participant Blogs the Master Class
CummingsPhilip Cummings, a participant in our July 2012 Master Class in Memphis, shared his blog entries from the weeklong class.

The first tool John shared was teaching students how to use FFOE to assess their creative thinking. As a sample activity, John explained that he would show the students a coffee mug and ask them to brainstorm ways that the mug can be used other than as a container (i.e a door stop, a paperweight, a drum, etc.). At first they will find it hard to think this way, but as they practice, they will become better at it.

FFOE stands for:
  • Fluency – producing as many ideas as one possibly can
  • Flexibility – producing ideas that demonstrate variety or different approaches
  • Originality – producing ideas that are unique or unusual
  • Elaboration – producing ideas with detail or enriched characteristics


There's far more great tidbits contained in his fabulous series of blog postings from the week:

World Peace Game Camp in Memphis - Photos and Video

on Thursday, 26 July 2012. Posted in Master Classes, News

World Peace Game Camp in Memphis - Photos and Video
2012-07-26-internationalJohn Hunter with teachers who traveled to the United States this week to be a part of the camp and master class.Presbyterian Day School in Memphis is hosting the World Peace Game and its inventor John Hunter this week.  
John Hunter was named as the first Teaching Excellence Fellow of the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence in January. He is working exclusively with the Martin Institute to develope Master Classes for teachers based on his work. During his weeklongWorld Peace Game Camp in Memphis, Hunter and Jamie Baker of the Martin Institute are working with 13 teachers who observe the game in the morning and investigate new teaching and learning possibilities inspired by John Hunter's approach in the afternoon. Teachers have come from all over the United States also as teachers from Norway, New Zealand, and Vietnam. Four teachers from Memphis are also taking part in the Master Class.

Catch John Hunter, the creator of the World Peace Game tonight and tomorrow in "A Converation With" on WKNO.

Read more about the World Peace Game Camp in today's Commercial Appeal.