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Dear World Peace Game Foundation Donors and Supporters,

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing the dissolution of the World Peace Game Foundation as of 31 December 2021. COVID-19 related challenges, resulting in a reduction of staff, funding, and mission opportunities, brought us to this poignant close. I also felt it was time for me to retire and pass on the work to myriad younger (and wiser) educators.

And so, with folded hands and deepest gratitude, I say to you, our donors and supporters, who have so generously supported us with your resources and your time, thank you for your incredible gifts.

There is some very good news, A Legacy. During the pandemic, the World Peace Game Foundation Board authorized me to create and develop a special cadre of advanced World Peace Game Facilitators, veteran educators especially gifted in carrying out this work. As pandemic conditions are abating, these 16 Elders; in Australia, Austria, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Singapore, and the United States, are just beginning to train new facilitators. They are so compassionately carrying on the work that I started in 1978.

It was beyond my imaginings that the World Peace Game Foundation, established in 2014 could have trained over 1100 educators in 38 countries and engaged thousands of children in learning to do this work of peace building. An African proverb says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. It truly has taken an international community to bring the World Peace Game to global exposure. The loving kindness of individuals, such as yourselves, has made this a dream come true.

And a special thanks to the Foundation Board of Directors; Chairwoman Jamie Baker who initiated the idea of a Foundation back in 2011, Jenny Knight, former Head of Lower School—Miami Country Day School, Treasurer Melody Bianchetto, Vice President for Finance at the University of Virginia and Pam Moran, my former Superintendent—Albemarle County Public Schools. We also must express our gratitude to our “kitchen cabinet,” our Advisory Board; Mike Mallory—head of the Ron Brown Scholars, entrepreneur Gerry Gorman, and Educator Gloria Rockhold—Albemarle County Public Schools. A special thanks goes out to former Board members, Elizabeth Powell and Michael Schield.

And this list of gratitude would not be complete without an express thank you to filmmaker Chris Farina and his team, Kyle Copas and Will May, superintendent Rosa Atkins, principals Ron Broadbent, J. Malcolm Jarrell, Michele Castner, Lacy Peale and former superintendent Kevin Castner, president of Sensible City Ian Bryan, Cynthia Cannell of the Cannell Agency, publishing editor Eamon Dolan; writer Rachel Kranz, TED Talk team, Chris Anderson, Kelly Stoetzel and Gina Barnett. Brad Martin, Don Baker, Steve Hearn, Winston Baccus and Lee Burns of Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence, NGO Globart and their associates, Heidemarie Dobner, Veronika Grubmann, Sabine Merten, Fabian Rogatschnig, Maria Kluge, Father Martin and Herr Eider of Melk, the Foundation’s Program Directors; Jacqueline Dugery, Virginia Wawner, Sienna Wright and Ginelle Rosenberg, IT professionals Ben Eppard, Gopal Metro and Tim Shea, IDEO Silicon Valley, Andy Rotherham, Stephen Esquith, Ben Mutschler, US Department of Defense/Pentagon liaison Beth Flores, and US Department of State Officers, Gavin Sundwall and Mark Bissonnette.

Though the Foundation will no longer exist, you may look forward to seeing the work continue under the able and dedicated leadership of our Elders on their website, (launching soon—the web address will remain the same as the Foundation’s site) and World Peace Game Foundation Facebook page.

With Sincerest Gratitude,