Indo-Pacific Nations and Australia


November 21st & 22nd
Saturday: 9am – 11am (Sydney/Melbourne times)
Sunday: 9am – 11am (Sydney/Melbourne times)
Limited to 15 participants per session.
Participants must be proficient English speakers.

Part 1 and Part 2 are both required for certification. World Peace Game mechanics and gameplay is not part of this training and completion does not authorize educators to facilitate the World Peace Game.

Department of State

Gift of the United State government.

Note: Only educators from the Indo-Pacific region and Australia are eligible to particular in this master class session. This program is free and a gift of the United States government.
Master Classes are reserved for formally trained educators only. All participants must register online in advance. Please direct any questions about eligibility for the master class to The Virtual Master Class will be held via two Zoom conferences.