In a special year-end collaboration TED and The Huffington Post reviewed 18 great ideas of 2011 via posts featuring the full TEDTalk with original blog posts that the two organizations think will shape 2012.  The nearly month long count down has highlighted a variety of bold, groundbreaking, and thought-provoking voices. John and the rest of the team at the foundation couldn’t be more excited that on December 26 John’s talk was named the #1 TEDTalk of 2011 by Arianna Huffington and Chris Anderson.

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From The Huffington Post:

Watch John Hunter discuss the World Peace Game and what adults can learn from children in approaching today’s most intractable problems.

Spontaneous and Relentless Compassion

This TED Talk, is about a geo-political exercise I created for public school children in 1978. Its consistent successful outcome over the last three decades (negotiating and solving fifty inter-locking global problems, and having every nation’s asset value and societal good increased), I would say is based almost entirely upon the nature of the relationship between the teacher and the students, and between the students themselves. The game board itself is a multi-level tower of Plexiglas covered with thousands of game pieces and layer upon layer of complex, global crisis requiring hyper collaborative problem solving, in the midst of chaos, uncertainty, and adversarial pressures. Everything is, and is designed to go wrong on every level and in every sphere… all at once… for everyone.

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