Los Angeles Post, March 23, 2013

Review: 4.5 Stars

Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but I had not seen Chris Farina’s documentary about John Hunter’s “World Peace Game” nor had I heard any other media accounts of it. I’ve become passionate abouteducation lately, especially progressive, so this book just seemed like an appealing antidote to the waves of standardized testing and test prep that have flooded our nation’s K-12 schools.

I spent the majority of the book alternating between “Wow” and “No way”. The scope and scale of this classroom project – both in terms of the time and effort it must have taken to create it and to continue to utilize and update it and in terms of the expectations for the children playing it – are just mind-boggling. Yet not only do fourth graders apparently take on the challenge, according to Mr. Hunter, they unfailingly rise to the challenge and achieve world peace. Each and every time.