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John Hunter Interview by Student at Hillside School

on Monday, 28 January 2013. Posted in Education, Interviews

John Hunter Interview by Student at Hillside School
Abhijay Bhatnagar interviewed John Hunter in the new media lab at Hillside School on MLK day. His interview was one of the most thoughtful and joyful that Mr. Hunter has conducted!

Abhijay and his fellow Hillside students from all over the world have a unique understanding of global competency and cross cultural understanding that make John Hunter's World Peace Game accessible and interesting to them.

Here's a Preview Video of the Interview:

You can find the full interview linked below.

World Peace, One Classroom at a Time

on Friday, 25 January 2013. Posted in Education, Media Coverage

World Peace, One Classroom at a Time
John Hunter and Jamie Baker of the Martin Institute spent the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday working with the faculty of Hillside School in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Hillside is a junior boarding school for boys that offers a unique learning environment that includes a parking farm, flexible scheduling for a variety of sports, and highly relational learning. The day's events included an evening screening of the film, World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements, for the student body of about 200 middle school boys and their parents.

The boys were a delightful audience, captivated by the real problem solving that Mr. Hunter's student engage in. This article from the Metro West paper shares some specifics.

Photo by Kim Neal

World peace, one classroom at a time

With Capitol Hill in a constant state of gridlock, an everlasting cycle of conflict in the Middle East and handwringing over global warming, John Hunter has a simple solution – send in the kids to sort it out.

Hunter, who was listed as one of Time Magazine’s education activists to watch in 2012, spoke to a crowd of students, teachers and parents Monday night at the Hillside School in Marlborough about instilling the values of global citizenship in young students.

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Memphis Participant Blogs the Master Class

on Friday, 03 August 2012. Posted in News, Education, Master Classes, Testimonials

Presbyterian Day School Teacher Philip Cummings's Obervations

Memphis Participant Blogs the Master Class
CummingsPhilip Cummings, a participant in our July 2012 Master Class in Memphis, shared his blog entries from the weeklong class.

The first tool John shared was teaching students how to use FFOE to assess their creative thinking. As a sample activity, John explained that he would show the students a coffee mug and ask them to brainstorm ways that the mug can be used other than as a container (i.e a door stop, a paperweight, a drum, etc.). At first they will find it hard to think this way, but as they practice, they will become better at it.

FFOE stands for:
  • Fluency – producing as many ideas as one possibly can
  • Flexibility – producing ideas that demonstrate variety or different approaches
  • Originality – producing ideas that are unique or unusual
  • Elaboration – producing ideas with detail or enriched characteristics


There's far more great tidbits contained in his fabulous series of blog postings from the week:

A Letter to Their Parents

on Thursday, 17 May 2012. Posted in Education

A Letter to Their Parents
In John Hunter's World Peace Game, the objective is to achieve peace, without violence if possible. It is often the case, however, that a nation team will decide that it is strategic and necessary to wage war. As we know, in war lives are lost.  The game requires that the leader of the attack must write a letter to the parents of the person killed in combat. The point of the letter is to teach the natural and inevitable consequences of combat, to create an empathic understanding about the cost of war. 

Below is an example of a letter to the parents of a life lost.  This letter is from the Nin Leader who chose to wage wage.

John Blossom's Class Comments on the National Geographic Article

on Friday, 11 May 2012. Posted in Education

John Blossom's Class Comments on the National Geographic Article

What is happening through John's work, speeches, teaching Master Classes, etc. is that people are becoming inspired to make their own challenging games. The class of students in Hawaii with whom John Hunter recently Skyped are now tracking the media coverage of his work. They have been discussing how to create their own game. They have stayed in touch and wanted to share these impressions of the recent article about John Hunter by National Geographic's Good Traveler.


Pam Moran Writes About the Trip to The Pentagon

on Friday, 11 May 2012. Posted in News, Education, Media Coverage

Pam Moran Writes About the Trip to The Pentagon

Pam Moran is the superintendent of schools for Albemarle County and is the president of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents. Recently she accompanied John Hunter and his class of enthusiatic, knowledgable, excited 4th graders to visit Leon Panetta and staff at the Pentagon. She pens this very thoughtful reflection of the trip for the Richmond Times Dispatch.

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