World Peace Game Camps

The World Peace Game Camp is an opportunity for boys and girls to experience a 5-day intensive version of John Hunter's World Peace Game

The World Peace Game is a four-tiered structure that puts the problems of the world within reach of the students. Students are organized into country teams with Prime Ministers, Secretaries of Defense, and Cabinet staff. Other important roles in the game are the Secretary of the United Nations, President of the World Bank, Arms Dealers, Weather Goddess, and the Saboteur. This game exposes children to systems thinking, critical and creative problem-solving, leadership responsibilities, decision making, negotiation, and much more.


Age Range

This camp is open to boys and girls who will be entering 4th grade through 8th grade. 


Game play will start promptly each day at 8:30 am. Please plan to arrive at least by 8:20 am.

We will finish game play each day at noon. Please walk into the building to pick up your student. The teacher portion of our class will begin at 12:15 pm so we need you to please be on time to pick up your student each day.


There will be a individually wrapped snack and water provided around 10am. If your child has any sort of food concerns, please have him or her bring their own snacks for the week in a large ziplock back with their name on it. We will find a place for them to keep their snacks and they will be responsible for eating the snacks you provided. If you need to drop off an Epi-pen, please see Jamie Baker on the first day of camp.


Cost: $295 per child 




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