Jens Svenson, age 10
News Bureau Chief of the World Peace Game International Daily

There are 24 world crisis to be solved by the end of the week (plus sub crisis) and we’re up to 4-5 gamedays a day! and the crisis are…

  1. border land dispute
  2. air defense scramble
  3. natural disaster
  4. rebel insurgency
  5. religious tensions
  6. endangered species
  7. we don’t use this one
  8. territorial ownership dispute
  9. oil embargo
  10. arms proliferation
  11. territorial waters dispute
  12. forced alliance
  13. a global warming
  14. b global warming
  15. ethnic cleansing
  16. mercenaries and rogue military
  17. ecologic disaster,oil spill
  18. a toxic chemical spill
  19. space missile defense
  20. a undersea mining
  21. b sunken sivilization artifacts
  22. we don’t use this one
  23. ancestor burial dilemma solved Tuesday gameday 2
  24. oil well gusher blow out

The Consensus will continue to game day 2 until tomorrow when we will begin to debate the water rights dispute!!