The GlobArt Award honors persons whose lives and work reflect GlobArt aims and ideals; men and women who can be looked upon as examples of GlobArt philosophy both by what they do and by who they are. GlobArt is a platform for men and women who are consciously active within our changing society. Through GlobArt, representatives of a wide variety of professions and interests are being given an opportunity for an exchange of thoughts and experience, often leading to concrete activities and projects. The aim of GlobArt is to contribute to an holistic approach to present day problems and possible solutions.

The 2012 GlobArt Award was awarded on September 27, 2012 to John Hunter for his transformative World Peace Game and conscious teaching practice. John was at the annual conference of the GlobArt Academy held in Krems, Austria to receive the award.

Recipients of the annual GlobArt award are presented with a symbolic figure designed by Professor Josef Kaiser of the Vienna University of Applied Art, an associate of Prof. Adolf Frohner, sculptor and designer of such coins as the Austrian version of the Euro. In expressive simplicity, the figure of the award is designed to call to mind the specific elements of this award: a synthesis of spirituality, creativity, and social awareness.

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Previous recipients of the GlobArt Award:

1998Lord Yehudi Menuhinmusician and humanistfor his achievements as a musician and for his committed support of young musicians”
2000Hans KüngTheologian“for his Global Ethic Foundation”
Fariborz Sahbaarchitect“for the planning and constructing of the Indian Bahá’í Temple (Lotus Temple, New Delhi”)
2003Václav Havelfirst President of the Czech Republic and writer“for his contribution to peace and society as well as for his life-work as a writer”
2004Dom Erwin KräutlerBishop of Xingú (Brazil)“for his support of and work for the poor in his diocese in Amazonia”
2005Freda Meissner-Blaupolitician, journalist“for their exemplary commitment to the ideals of the civil society and to the rights of the individual”
2005Franz KüberlHead of Caritas Austria
2006José Antonio Abreueconomist, lawyer, musicianfounder of the National Symphony Orchestra Simón Bolivár
2007Riccardo MuticonductorItalian conductor and music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
2009Ernesto Cardenalpriest, poet“for his lifelong relentless fight against oppression and injustice as suffered by the people of Nicaragua.”