We are grateful for your presence here and welcome you to help us build a more peaceful world.

Here are some ways to get involved:



Create some WPG noise amongst your friends, colleagues, schools, businesses, and communities! Share the film, the book, the TED talk, the website, and your own personal testimonials about the WPG. Host a community film viewing! Add on a post film Q&A session with Chris Farina and John Hunter! Advocate for WPGs, master classes, and John Hunter speaking engagements and workshops.


Dream big! Share your vision and hopes for how the WPG might be implemented in your own community or academic system. We are dedicated to supporting endeavors to spread the WPG approach to education and are also open to new ideas about how to grow our community and expand the reach of the WPG to achieve its greatest capacity for good.


Revenue came to an abrupt halt with the pandemic and financial reserves have been depleted. With adequate funding we will:

  • Increase WPG awareness and understanding
  • Offer more games and master classes around the world
  • Support teachers and facilitators on their journey to WPG mastery

All it takes to empower, uplift, and inspire tremendous change is a single World Peace Game!