Master Class Munich is hitting the road! The initiator and head organizer of the first Master Class in German, Stefan Hanitzsch, is literally taking the World Peace Game to the streets of Munich.

Munich Master Class

There are only a few spots left for teachers (mwd) who would like to become facilitators this summer (7th through 11th of August)

Please be aware that the Master Class as well as the two WPG camps will be held in the German language! To celebrate the occasion that Germany is finally becoming a member of the happy World Peace Game family, sponsors have made possible a very special rate for the Master Class.

> View Master Class Munich details here.

Applicants can directly apply at

Stefan and the Master Class assistant and WPG veteran Julia Sommer will be happy to answer any questions.

Master Class Munich

Looking forward to seeing you this happy, peaceful summer!

Much love,

Doris, Julia T., Julia S., and Stefan