World Peace Game Camps



The World Peace Game camp is appropriate for students between grades 4-12. Games are often played amongst children of different ages, within a 3 year grade span, so individual WPG camp grade requirements will vary. Participants must be reading on or above their grade level at the time of registration, be proficient in English, and complete the student application form provide by the hosting WPG Facilitator. 

Registration is open to 1st time players.


Game play for children is Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 12 noon.


Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks and bottle of water.

Limited scholarship funds are available based on financial need. Please email executive director.


The World Peace Game Camp is an opportunity for children to experience a 5-day intensive version of John Hunter’s World Peace Game.  Registration is only open to 1st time players.

The World Peace Game is a four-tiered structure that puts the problems of the world within reach of the students. Students are organized into country teams with Prime Ministers, Secretaries of Defense, and Cabinet staff. Other important roles in the game are the Secretary of the United Nations, President of the World Bank, Arms Dealers, Weather Goddess, and the Saboteur. This game exposes children to systems thinking, critical and creative problem-solving, leadership responsibilities, decision making, negotiation, and much more.

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Note: Campers should complete the pre-camp checklist before registering.

We children do not have the chance to take in charge of an entire country.  However the World Peace Game taught me that building up a peaceful world isn’t an easy task to accomplish. The World Peace Game also taught me to think things differently, that there could always be a solution in order to solve problems. The game was a life changing experience for me and I hope that more and more students would try out this wonderful game.
Motomiya Ryodai

World Peace Game - Japan Player, 2017

John with William Bell
I can’t believe The World Peace Game is over. I feel like I am going to start crying because this has been an experience of experiences. I will never forget The World Peace Game, working with amazing people, solving world issues. Just knowing that all of that is now over it makes me start to tear up.
W. Bell – World Peace Game Player, 2016

(pictured above with John Hunter)