Chris Farina

Chris Farina is a graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A., American Government) and American University (M.A, Communication – Producing for Film and Video). His first two films, Route 40 and West Main Street, were collaborations with Charlottesville filmmaker Reid Oechslin, and both films are guided by the principle of respect for the individuals portrayed, allowing them to tell the story of their lives and their community. Each film portrays people living and working in familiar American settings that typically receive little media attention. He has also worked with fellow Charlottesville filmmaker and Academy Award winner Paul Wagner on two films, The James River and Angels.


Producer, Writer, Co-directorRoute 40(1986)
58-minute portrait of the people who live and work along an urban highway in east Baltimore. Awards and screenings from film festivals including Chicago, Houston, Baltimore, Virginia, Santa Fe, Sinking Creek (Nashville), Three Rivers (Pittsburgh), and City Lore (New York).

Co-producer, Director, WriterWest Main Street (1995)
90-minute feature portrays a roadside community in Charlottesville, Virginia, received an award from the Philadelphia International Film Festival, and screened at the Independent Feature Film Market.

Co-producerEast of the Blue Ridge: The James River
A production of WHTJ Charlottesville PBS, this 58-minute documentary depicts the people whose lives and work are intertwined with the Commonwealth’s 400-mile-long historic waterway. Broadcast by over 60 public television stations across the country.

Assistant DirectorAngels (2005)
Independent narrative feature directed by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Paul Wagner, presently being marketed for distribution.

Chris Farina
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Bill Reifenberger is the editor of World Peace…and other 4th-grade achievements and senior producer at Silverthorn Films. His career as a documentary filmmaker includes work for PBS, the Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and the University of Virginia. Bill received his masters in Documentary Film Production from Stanford University and teaches film and video at the University of Virginia.

Gene Rhodes, the film’s director of photography, got his start 30 years ago as a Field Producer and Videographer for the nationally syndicated, Emmy Award winning primetime newsmagazine, PM Magazine. He has since worked as Director of Photography in numerous broadcast and non-broadcast film productions for the commercial and corporate world. Gene continues to demonstrate his versatility by successfully tackling independent film and documentary projects such as this.

Will May is an artist living in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition to his photographic work, he is the Exhibition Director for the nonprofit LOOK3 – Festival of the Photograph. More of his personal work can be seen at

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