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Support from countless individuals and organizations has made World Peace…and other 4th-grade achievements possible – support for which we are sincerely grateful. Any omissions are purely accidental (and easily rectified!).

Fiscal Sponsorship

Independent Film Project

Major Funding

Horton Fund of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
Bama Works Fund – a donor-advised fund of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
Terry Vassalos


Carol A. Tomlinson – William Clay Parrish Jr. Professor at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.
Paul Wagner, Paul Wagner Films
Marie Hawthorne
Dr. Rosa Atkins, Superintendent, Charlottesville City Schools
Dr. Pam Moran, Superintendent, Albemarle County Public Schools


Alloy Workshop
Silverthorn Films
Charlottesville City Schools
Albemarle County Public Schools
Jefferson-Madison Regional Library
The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative
The Paramount Theater
Richmond Peace Education Center

Richmond Peace Education Center

Jacqueline Dugery
Deirdre Enright
Julie Gronlund
Claire Thompson
Karen Van Lengen and Jim Welty

Business Supporters

Dave Simpson and C & O Restaurant
Will and Joe Trager, Higher Grounds Coffee
Amy Gardner and Rock, Paper, Scissors
Thoughtstream Media

Additional Supporters

Jim and Rebecca Barns
Anne Bear
Dennis and Melody Bianchetto
Elizabeth and Steve Blaine
Kara and Chris Burke
D.J. Crotteau
Deborah Cohn and Charlotte Patterson
David Cohn
Dudley Doane and Jane Boatner
Bob and Kimberly Emery
Krista Farrell
Temple Fennell
Gerry Gorman
Margo and Rick Hamilton
Bob Hughes
Lisa and Robert Inlow
Rosemary Inlow
Catherine Javins
Will Kerner
Denny King
John and Tara Little
Margaret Miller
Whitney Morrill and Joe Rinkevich
Dr. Lacy Peale
David Plunkett
Marion Rust and Louis Bograd
Jocelyn and Ashley Schauer
Jay Scott and Sarah Bedford
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson
Julia Whiting and John Malone
Caroline Wilhelm
Bill Womack
Peggy and Mike Van Yahres

We also offer a very special thanks to the children – and their parents – of John Hunter’s Fall 2006 World Peace Game class at Venable Elementary. We hope the film is worthy of the trust you’ve shown us.


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