The World Peace Game: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Understanding in Emmersdorf II 2015

As day One arrived, teachers and non-pedagogical professionals filed in, an international mix, bringing with them a pervasive air of enthusiasm. Simultaneously, the kids brought with them reticence, and in some, timidity. By the first few words of John’s dynamic introduction to the game, the nervous giggling and fidgeting gave way to rapt attention.

Hesitant at first, the children began to choose their roles, select or volunteer for political Cabinets, and establish sovereignties. So too, the “Living Dictionaries”, who are student interpreters, jumped into their jobs.

By day Two, the countries appeared eager to go to work! The nations. named by the children, seemed to welcome the coming intrigue. The Arms Dealers, World Bank, Legal Counselor, United Nations, and Weather Goddesses also seemed to become familiar with their own roles. Let the crises and dilemnas begin!

The board undisturbed

The Board Undisturbed

Introducing the Game

Introducing the Game